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About us


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As Carl Sagan says - somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known. Mount Incredible, in a sense, is a never-ending journey to an imaginary summit, a quest for self-discovery, learning and sharing. Our adventures go hand in hand with modern science, which helps us and our friends to show and describe the elegance of the world, its workings and the ways Nature interacts with humans.

Mixing adventure and science through using technology and visual arts we search for new vantage points and develop novel science communication methods that can channel a better understanding of the role our society within the wider ecosystem and trigger the so much needed behavioural changes to support climate mitigation and adaptation, environmental conservation, preservation of natural landscapes and heritage sites.

Kitelab, Armenia-based science communication company behind the Mount Incredible initiative, is built around the idea that complex climate crisis and environmental challenges of today require novel cross-disciplinary approaches and inspiration drawn from the trinity of science, nature and arts. We develop strategies and content to uncover, explain and disseminate the work of scientists and development organisations working across a variety of domains, including sustainable and green development, environmental sciences, covering among other topics energy, agriculture, biodiversity, water, forests.


Science communication is an art. We can help you tell your story.

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