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Science Communication

Actualizado: 30 nov 2022

At Mount Incredible we believe that science communication is an art that can be mastered when applying the right mix of talents, skills, technology and the sense of wonder.

Now that we are past the COP27 UN climate conference, kind of a climatic "New Year" benchmark for looking back at the achievements and failures, we are filled with more determination to hit new highs and are about to launch a number of exciting projects into 2022-2024 that would cross the boundaries of quite a number of countries and even continents. Let's keep our sleeves rolled up.

We believe that science communication is an art. We can help you tell your story.

Mount Incredible is an initiative launched by Kitelab, a science communication company built around the idea that complex climate crisis and environmental challenges of today require novel cross-disciplinary approaches and inspiration drawn from the trinity of science, nature and arts. We develop strategies and content to uncover, explain and disseminate the work of scientists and development organisations working across a variety of domains, including sustainable and green development, environmental sciences, covering among other topics energy, agriculture, biodiversity, water, forests.

About the photo

I took this photo some years ago at the carnival of Santiago de Cuba, and it is perhaps my favourite one among many hundreds photographed. Little Cuban kid facing the unknown, and what is meant to be a scary creature, with a smile and joy.

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